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JOB DESCRIPTION CNA CRITICAL JOB ELEMENTS: 1. Provide personal assistance services, including bathing, dressing, bowel and bladder management, transferring from bed to wheelchair, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and other tasks as requested. 2. Job involves lifting and bending. 3. Limited amount of travel. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: (i) successful completion of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program pursuant to the requirements of 42 CFR Part 483, Subpart D, as revised or recodifies, if applicable; or (ii) successful completion of a competency examination for nurse aides recognized by the department; or (iii) successful completion of a health care or personal care credentialing program recognized and approved by the department; or (iv) successful completion or progress in the completion of a 40-hour training program provided by a private home care provider, which addresses at least the following areas: (I) Ambulation and transfer of clients, including positioning; (II) Assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating; (III) Basic first aid and CPR; (IV) Caring for clients with special conditions and needs so long as the services are within the scope of the tasks authorized to be performed by demonstration; (V) Home management; (VI) Home safety and sanitation; (VII) Infection control in the home; (VIII) Medically related activities to include the taking of vital signs; and (IX) Proper nutrition. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: 1. Assistant must be reliable, punctual, neat and organized, willing to perform tasks as requested, willing to learn job requirements, able to follow instructions. Looking for someone who wants job on a long-term basis. 2. Training will be provided to the Assistant by the Agency and/or by his/her family members for the first 2-3 days. 3. Be certified in CPR and maintain certification current during employment. OTHER REQUIREMENTS/CONSIDERATIONS: 1. If Assistant decides to discontinue employment, he/she must be willing to continue working until a replacement is found, which could be 6-8 weeks, and be willing to train replacement.

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JOB DESCRIPTION Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities Assigned Duties & Responsibilities Personal support services perform personal care tasks such as, but not limited to, assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, preparation of meals, housekeeping tasks, positioning, home management, home safety, sanitation, infectious control, taking of vital signs, proper nutrition and other activities of daily living as determined by appropriate staff. Personal support will be provided by staff that is appropriately trained and/or certified. Note: Any caregiver living with the client cannot be a personal support aide/caregiver • Ability to read and write, follows verbal and written instructions, and complete legible written reports of care given. • A caring and understanding attitude toward individuals who are disabled, frail or have a TBI • Ability to be flexible and tolerant of varied lifestyles • Ability to work under supervision and within the guidelines of a care plan • Good health • Provide or assist with any of the appropriate duties that do not require complex observation or critical decision making • Encourage client to make decisions and to remain as independent as possible • Encourage client representative to be involved and responsible for care of client • Observe and report changes in client’s condition, meal consumption, food storage and cooking equipment failure to the supervisor • Maintain current progress notes indicating changes in the client’s condition, problems that hinder services deliver, and additional needs of the client • Notify the office immediately of any hospitalizations as soon as you become aware. Not doing this will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of your contract • Complete the Client Task and Log note forms after each visit for each client and forward it to the NSC Office as required • Monitor client and their environments to address and report issues that impact clients’ health, safety, or welfare. Client observations include: *Meal Consumption *Safety in the home *Changes in the client’s physical or emotional condition *Changes in the client’s support systems • Apply information acquired through training • Adhere to the Personal Support Services provider’s written code of ethics and dress code • Provide care to the client as outlined in the Plan of Care by the RN. The task may include range of motion and muscle maintenance exercise. Attend medical appointment with the client (attending Adult Day services for reimbursement of payment is not included) • Observe client’s skin for any break down potential break down and report immediately to the nurse any change in the client’s skin condition. Required Credentials and Verification Forms Employees agree to provide NuLife with the following information before starting employment: 1. Completed/Signed Application with a 5 Year Work History 2. Current TB Skin Test or Chest X-Ray (where applicable) 3. Current CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Card/Certificate 4. Current Basic First Aid Card 5. CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant License) or PCA (Personal Care Assistant License) 6. Driver’s License and Social Security Card 7. PCA Test 1,2 & 3 8. 8 Hours of Training 9. Job Description 10. I-9 11. 1099 Contract or Tax Forms W-4 12. National Background Check 13. Signed HIPPA 14. Signed Acknowledgement Form 15. Signed Initial Orientation P&P Handbook Agreement Form 16. Signed Members Rights 17. Signed Code of Ethics 18. Signed Confidentiality 19. Signed No Evidence of Abuse Without the above-mentioned credentials/documents dated prior to start of employment with our company you will not receive a pay check for any dates worked before the effective dates. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to keep their credentials and caregiver file complete and up to date at all times. The cost of renewal of credentials is the responsibility of the caregiver and these credentials must be maintained by the caregiver at all times. No lapses in credentials are acceptable. The State of Georgia requires all persons working in this field to maintain all credentials at all times to be eligible for employment in this capacity. At the time of hire all credentials must be valid for a minimum of 120 days. 90 days prior to expiration of any credentials the caregivers file becomes incomplete/out of date. The caregiver will be put on a (90) day probationary period either orally or by written letter. If at the end of the probationary period the file has not been brought current then the caregiver and the caregiver’s client will be notified orally or by written letter, that the caregiver will be placed in an inactive status and will not work for NuLife until the caregiver provides the required documentation to bring his/her file back to a complete status. Please note that all caregivers will have to fill out a new application and that benefits may be lost and that the rate of pay may be lowered. Caregivers will be notified either orally or by written letter 90, 60 and 30 days before credentials expire. During such time that you are put on probation unemployment benefits cannot be drawn for time not worked due to out of date credentials.

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JOB DESCRIPTION Personal Care Assistant JOB SUMMARY: An individual who has completed personal care training and is competent to perform assigned functions of personal care to the client in their residence. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Must have completed personal care training program and competency. 2. Have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick and elderly. 3. Ability to carry out directions, read and write. 4. Maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job. RESPONSIBILITIES: l. Assist clients with personal hygiene, including shower, tub or bed baths, oral care, hair and skin care. 2. Assist clients in the use of toilet facilities, including bed pans. 3. Assist clients in and out of bed, excluding the use of mechanical lifting equipment unless trained and documented as competent. 4. Assist clients with walking, including the use of walkers and wheelchairs, when applicable. 5. Assist clients with self-administration of medications. 6. Meal preparation and feeding, when required. 7. Assist with prescribed exercises when the client and the aide have been instructed by the appropriate health professional.

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Job Description Administrator REPORTS TO: BOARD OF DIRECTORS/SHAREHOLDERS DEPARTMENT: ADMINISTRATION POSITION SUMMARY: The CEO/Administrator is responsible for the profitability, planning, and overall administration of the organization. The CEO/Administrator is accountable for all activities and departments. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor’s degree in business or management; MBA and/or CPA preferred or 6 years experience in Management. • Five years experience in upper management. • Exhibits leadership skills. • Two-Four years in Home Care Management Experience. SUMMARY OF JOB FUNCTIONS: • Ensures that the numbers and qualifications of personnel available to provide services are sufficient to meet the medical, nursing, and therapy needs of the clients. * Ensures that policies and procedures meet Federal, State, local and accrediting organizations regulations and standards. • Maintains profitably/solvency through sound fiscal management. • Maintains liaison among the governing body, professional personnel, and the staff. • Responds to requests and recommendations from the Board and the Professional Advisory Committee. • Develops strategic and short term plans for organizational development. • Educates community to the agency programs by interacting with numerous individuals and groups.
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